Kerr & Holland

We are consultants who are equipped to properly advise and assist in the provision of commercial Material Damage and Business Interruption Insurance claim services.

Few firms can match the level of expertise offered by Kerr & Holland in this area. Our key personnel and consultants comprise seasoned professionals who hold dual insurance and accounting qualifications.

Kerr and Holland takes pride in delivering high quality service combined with prompt and effective action essential at a time of crisis. In addition, Kerr & Holland’s fee structure is extremely competitive, being substantially less than fees charged by major accounting firms. Whilst Kerr & Holland’s personnel are based in Sydney, Kerr & Holland efficiently manage and resolve large and small claims across Australia and internationally.

It has also been our experience that the best result will be obtained by involving our firm as soon as possible after a loss has occurred. At this time, the Policy response and options can be thoroughly investigated and properly considered so that an effective recovery loss management programme is developed.

Our Services Include

  • Business Interruption and Material Damage Claims Preparation and adjustment
  • Review of Business Interruption Insurance Policies
  • Litigation support including appraisal of Material Damage and Business Interruption claims in the event of dispute between Insured and Insurer and verification of quantum in commercial liability recovery actions
  • Training seminars/workshops